Laminate Venner

It is an aesthetic solution for bad teeth which adversely affects tooth appearance. Lamine tooth is made of a layer with light transparency. It has the look and feel of other teeth with its natural structure. Many people are wondering how long it takes Porcelain Lamine dental applications and is a painful method. Firstly Porcelain Lamine dental method is a minimally invasive method. So a little roughness can be made on the tooth. This can vary depending on the case, the doctor needs to decide.
Since the mouth is roughened, there is no need to make a temporary tooth, and in a week the person can get a missed smile.

In the first session, the person is taking measurements.In the second session, the shape is liked in the mouth with special smile design methods.In the third session, porcelain laminates are tried in the mouth after we have chosen the form and color we choose.With the approval of the doctor and patient, the teeth are glued to the mouth. The aesthetic smile that the person wants is being met in a short time like a week, which is a great beauty.

Smile Design Made with Porcelain Lamine Teeth
Lamine Dental Coating is a perfect and aesthetic look. The shape, color and quality of our teeth reflect the youthful appearance of the people we face as health and self-confidence. The perfect, aesthetic smile will develop your career and personal life in a positive way. If you are dissatisfied with your smile, you can apply to a qualified dentist to get the aesthetic smile and look you desire in a short time.

What is porcelain lamine, how is it done?
Lamine tooth is a process of sticking a specially prepared porcelain layer on the front face of the tooth in the desired color, length and form in the thickness of the nail. These coatings, which are manufactured from porcelain, have a light transmittance of 0.7 mm thickness on average. They are prepared and placed in perfect harmony and precision on an existing tooth. If the porcelain laminates are to be applied with a small amount of abrasion, the erosion rate is determined by the shape of the tooth, in proportion to the position of the abrasive.

Implant has become a focus of interest in recent years and has proved its reliability.You can learn more about the application of porcelain laminates by consulting your doctor.